Ethos Rising is a community advocacy organization that aims to heal oppression and suffering by connecting our clients with supportive and compassionate healers. 

We understand that healing to be a process of self-dicovery that is beyond institutional health care and is deeply entwined with how we connect with our natural environments and our communities. We help guide clients in implementing holistic health designs that are both intuitive and evidence-based.

One of the ways we support community is by allocating funds to help cover the cost of our offerings for those who need financial assistance. Services are offered on a sliding-scale. No person will be declined because of an inability to pay.

We appreciate and celebrate all diversity through our work at Ethos Rising. We are especially interested in supporting the needs of women and children, people of color, immigrants, refugees, low income communities, people of all abilities, survivors of trauma, LGBTQAI, gender queer and fluid folks of all faith communities.