We understand healing to be a holisitc process of self-discovery that is deeply entwined with nature and community. We approach to health with vitalist perspective that emphasizes energetic balance of the spirit, mind, and body. Our services are both intuitive and evidence-based.

We believe in each person's own ability to heal themselves and that healing is spiralic and infinite. The work lasts a lifetime and beyond. 

Our framework is intersectional and evolutionary. We aim to address suffering and oppression caused by structural injustices within society, particularly the health care system, in order to improve life for all beings and help expand our collective consciousness. 

We appreciate and celebrate all diversity through our work at Ethos Rising. We are especially interested in supporting the needs of women and children, people of color, survivors of trauma, LGBTQAI identifying and genderqueer and fluid folks.

One of the ways we support community is by allocating funds to help cover the cost of our offerings for those who need financial assistance.