Ethos is the spirit of a culture as evidenced by its beliefs and aspirations. We envision the American Ethos Rising to a higher state for the collective and cosmic good. 

Central to our healing efforts is the importance of recognizing and supporting the cultural heritage of the native and indigenous healers whose traditions form the basis for the kind of holistic health we practice. We honor the wisdom of those who suffered under the forces of reductionism and conquest. 

Our logo is the astrological symbol for Nāmaka, the smaller of two moons that orbit around the dwarf planet Haumea, which is found within the Kuiper belt (just beyond the planet Neptune, the outermost planet in our solar system). The Kuiper Belt is thought to contain materials from when our Solar System first formed, and accordingly, these remnants are named after mythological heroes of human creation tales. Astronomers called upon Hawaiian mythology to name Haumea, the Goddess of fertility and childbirth, and her daughter Na-maka-o-kaha‘i, a sea Goddess and water spirit borne of Haumea’s breasts. 

How does this relate to us? We believe that much of our suffering and disease is directly related to an ethos that has isolated humans from nature, community, and spirit.  We aim to to channel the energy of Haumea, a feminine Neptunian entity, to foster healing that integrates the spiritual with the physical, the intuitive with the rational.