The Elder Linden & Elda Mohr

  Modern Botanicals : Tilia, unknown genus

Modern Botanicals: Tilia, unknown genus

I've been learning to be with the plants, receive their messages, and share their therapeutic gifts. It's perceptual work that involves opening the sensory gates that have been manipulated through cultural and political conditioning. If this interests you, I reccomend checking out the writings of Stephen Harrod Buhner, specifically Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth

Somewhere around December's new moon (in Sagitarius) I began noticing a buzzing sensation in my tongue and my ears whenever I took notice of the beloved Linden in the front yard. The Linden had revealed its human-esque face in its bark to me only a few weeks prior but I wasn't expecting our communication to go any deeper. What could be more intimate than revealing a hidden face?

The sensation felt like "Elm" but I knew the tree to be Linden, so I discounted the message as my own brain's misnaming of the tree, but a thorough review of Linden and Elm botany failed to ameliorate the presumed misfiring of neurons. 

I harbored only a slight inclination that the Linden was telling me something more. 

It was unsettling to feel something that my thinking self thought to be untrue. I considered the mental conditions that could explain the sensory phenomenon but I felt too grounded to be concerned for my sanity. 

I also listened more carefully to my intuition and meditate on the message. Perhaps the message was “Elder"? Ah-hah! Here was meaning that I could decipher. The Elder Linden was announcing its role to me, a guardian of my person and the home where I live, a declaration of welcoming me into their circle of protection. 

Oddly, the message persisted. Elder. Elder. Elmer? Elder! 

I imagined that my guardian, the Linden, who called me to meet Elder (Sambucus). I made Elder berry syrup. I drank Elder flower tea. The signal continued until I followed the trail to the folk lore of Elder. 

The Linden has been quiet since.